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Dentalspray™ teeth cleaning spray for dogs and cats, eliminates bad breath, fights plaque and tartar without brushing.

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Quantity: 50ml

Try it today, absolutely risk free, with a money back guarantee

✅ Removes plaque 100% natural

✅ Neutralizes mouth odor in dogs & cats

✅ Quick & easy applications

✅ 90 day efficacy trial, 30 day return policy

Here's how it works:

Because over 80% of all dogs suffer from tartar or other dental problems, we have developed a 100% natural solution with the dental spray:

The dental spray provides your dog in a very simple way for healthy teeth and fresh breath. Due to the natural formula with probiotic microorganisms, the spray dissolves existing plaque and removes it reliably. The herbal mixture neutralizes unpleasant mouth odor and cares for the gums. At the same time, the formation of new tartar is effectively prevented, so that natural tooth cleaning is combined with simultaneous dental prophylaxis.

Easy to use

Simply spray 2 times a day directly into the mouth or over the food, the rest is done by the natural tooth cleaning formula. We recommend you to use 2 sprays per day for small dogs, 3 sprays per day for medium dogs, 4 sprays per day for large dogs. Even for a large dog, the dental spray will last for about 3 months.

Mouth problems for pets, are solved here!

It can kill 98.99% of oral bacteria. Acts at enzyme level, quickly eliminates bad breath, removes plaque and tartar, cures gingivitis and periodontitis. 100% natural harmless ingredients, swallowable. And Vohc Certified. Rest assured it contains no toxic grain alcohol or pesticides, but has a taste pets love.

Here are some feedbacks from pet owners.

"I've tried a million different ways to brush my dogs teeth, especially since vet cleaning is super expensive and she refuses to let me do it no matter what I've tried. She clenches her jaw so tight. Tartar accumulated over the years looks very disgusting. And it has serious bad breath. Since I started using PetClean™ teeth cleaning spray, he didn't reject it at all because he likes the taste. After a few days of use, the tartar is completely removed, the teeth look much cleaner. And the breath is fresh. Can really recommend this product

"I noticed some discomfort in my dog's mouth. His gums are red and seem to be inflamed. And tartar has accumulated on his teeth. I suspect that the accumulation of tartar is causing gingivitis. My friend recommended this spray to me. After a few applications, it really removes tartar and treats the inflammation in his gums. After the treatment was completed. His mouth no longer hurt and his breath was fresher. Good dental health is so important for pets and I'm glad my dog was able to get the help he needed to maintain it."

Dental cleanings are important to remove plaque, a film of bacteria that forms on teeth and eventually hardens into tartar. A diet high in sugar and carbohydrates can lead to increased plaque formation, as can a diet high in processed foods. Tartar buildup in pets can cause this to lead to several serious health problems, including: Gum disease, tooth decay, bad breath, systemic infections and pain.

That's why we developed PetClean™. Key solutions for oral problems

Enzymes: The role of enzymes in tooth cleaning is to help break down dirt and food debris on the tooth surface. They can help improve respiration, reduce the risk of bacterial erosion and tooth decay, and help maintain good dental health.

Galla japonica: It can inhibit the remaining anaerobic bacteria in the root canal, significantly inhibit Enterococcus faecalis and its adhesion ability, inhibit the activity of early Candida albicans biofilm and also block the dentinal tubules and reduce the possibility of infection of the root canal . It can treat caries very well and help teeth recover.

Triphala: With antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and free radical scavenging properties, it can kill Streptococcus mutans and inhibit the formation of Streptococcus mutans biofilm, so that dental plaque can be effectively removed and gum cells can be effectively protected from free radical damage.

Chamomile: It is great for sensitive skin as it can soothe burst veins due to its anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic properties. So it's great for soothing bleeding gums and tooth sensitivity.

Propolis: Helps teeth resist oxidation, resist erosion by bacteria and fungi, and the bioactive flavonoids it contains can stimulate the formation of reparative dentin and relieve pulp inflammation. It could effectively stimulate tooth regeneration.

Tea Leaves: Helps relieve pain, prevent bacterial growth, inhibit inflammation, relax muscles, and can relieve toothache and tooth sensitivity very well.

PetClean™ Spray is the latest DENATL certified product. It can perfectly solve all pets' oral problems, including tartar, bad breath, mouth ulcers, tooth decay, bleeding gums, tooth sensitivity, gingivitis, loose teeth, periodontitis, swollen gums, tooth damage, tooth loss, etc. No side effects. Made from 100% natural herbs. Suitable for pets, including dog and cat. Actually works better than dog breath mints, refreshment treats, dog breath mints, dental chews, dog mouthwash or other dog teeth cleaning and dental care products.

These are the results of some pet owners

"After using a product to remove tartar from my cat's teeth, I noticed a marked improvement in his oral health. The product was easy to use and I spray a few pumps on my cat's teeth every day. I was impressed with the effectiveness of the product and my cat didn't seem to mind the taste at all. He happily drank his water every day and I was happy to see that he was getting the dental care he needed without having to undergo any invasive procedures."


1. lift the lips on both sides of the mouth of your pet.
2. 2-3 pump sprays daily directly on the teeth and gums affected by tartar and plaque on each side.
3. Do not allow your pet to eat or drink for one hour after use.
Enjoy using the PetClean™ gentle mouth cleaning mist spray. Safe for use around nose, ears and eyes. For best results, use in conjunction with PetClean™  Dental Wipes to properly cleanse and soothe during healing periods.

Product composition and certification